Accidental insurance for Railways passengers: How you benefit by buying tickets online from IRCTC

accident insurance

Indian railways are the lifeline of our country. They are the preferred way of travel for a large chunk of the population. However sometimes there can be unfortunate events like derailment, fire, blasts etc. which can result in injury or loss of life for those travelling in that train. Most of us might not be aware of the insurance scheme that provides accidental insurance to passengers who make a booking through the official website of the Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation (IRCTC). Here we focus on this scheme and give you a detailed insight into it.


Details of the insurance scheme


This scheme is optional and is available to all Indian passengers who book an E-ticket through the NGet website only. The scheme covers only Indian nationals and foreign citizens are not entitled to the benefits offered by the scheme. The premium to be paid for availing the insurance benefit w.e.f from 1/10/2018 is merely 49 paise. Though the scheme is optional but if the option is exercised then it is compulsory for all passengers booked under one PNR.  Passengers travelling in all classes are covered under the scheme but a child below the age of 5 is not covered.


After the ticket is booked the customer will receive the policy information via a SMS and the details will also be sent to the registered email IDs. The policy number can also be viewed by accessing the IRCTC website. The person booking the ticket should fill in the nomination details by visiting the site of the company providing the insurance cover.  In the absence of the nomination details being mentioned the claim amount is given to the legal heir/s if the situation so arises.


Here it is important to mention that IRCTC just serves as a link between the insurance company and the customer and all issues and claims have to be settled between the company and the insured. The website provides a platform for the passenger to transact with the insurance company if the passenger wants to opt for the insurance cover when booking an online train ticket. The IRCTC does not assume any responsibility or liability in respect of the policy. The information that is available on the IRCTC site is the same as whatever is provided by the insurance provider.


Accident (for the purpose of this insurance) is defined as a collision between two trains or derailment of the train or an accident that may occur that involves any part of the train carrying passengers. This also includes any harm that may come to a passenger when he/she is getting on the train or getting off the train. The benefits available under the railway accident scheme are as follows:


  • In the event of death of the passenger the family gets Rs. 10 lakhs.


  • In case of permanent total disability the compensation amount is Rs.10 lakhs


  • In case of permanent partial disability the amount that is paid as compensation is Rs.7.5 lakhs.


  • In case of an injury Rs. 2 lakhs is paid for hospitalization expenses.


  • Rs. 10,000 is paid for transportation of mortal remains of the deceased passenger.



People are choosing to go the digital way for a lot of transactions as this option not only offers the freedom from queues and carrying around cash but also because there are certain benefits which may not be available if one went the offline way. The IRCTC accidental insurance is one such example as this option is not available to those who choose to make a railway booking in the physical form.



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