Diwali celebrations signify a deep insurance connection. Here’s how

insurance connection

Diwali symbolises celebrations, festivities and new beginnings. This is the festival when you connect with your loved ones and shower them with love and gifts. The celebration is the biggest Hindu festival and also signifies the beginning of the Hindu calendar. While Diwali is filled with joy and celebrations, have you ever seen the festival with different eyes?

Diwali is a five-day festival and if you see these days in depth, you would see that these days also put emphasis on protection and security for your family. Diwali is the celebration of Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and while you pray for wealth, you are actually praying for financial security for your family. This financial security is also provided by insurance plans and so Diwali and insurance is connected. You can use this connection to boost your insurance business as you help your clients understand this connection. Here are three Diwali connections which you can educate your clients about –

  1. Dhanteras and investments

    Dhanteras is the celebration of wealth as it is a day of investing in gold, silver and other avenues. This day individuals seek investments and for that Unit Linked Insurance Plans prove to be the ideal solution. You can pitch ULIPs to your clients to fulfil their investment needs. ULIPs would give them –

    • Market linked returns
    • Long term investments
    • Insurance coverage
    • Tax benefits on investments, switching as well as on redemption

    So, for Dhanteras you can position unit linked plans and bank upon the investment needs of your clients.

  2. Badi Diwali and safety 

    The main day of Diwali is when you burst firecrackers to mark the celebrations. With aggravating pollution and health hazards, Diwali personifies personal safety in terms of health. This is a great time to step up your health insurance so that the pollution and other hazards cannot dampen your wealth.
    Health insurance plans cover the medical expenses incurred if you suffer any medical emergency amidst the fun. So, motivate your clients to invest in health insurance plans in Diwali so that, if a medical emergency strikes, they would be financially protected. This would make Diwali truly secured for your clients.

  3. Bhai Dooj and protection

    Two days following Diwali is the auspicious Bhai Dooj when the sibling bond is celebrated. Brothers pledge to protect their sisters and sisters also show their gratitude for the bond they share with their brothers. This day, therefore, symbolizes protection and what provides better protection than term plans. Term plans provide unmatched coverage at minimal premiums and provide financial security in the absence of the bread-winner. So, for Bhai Dooj you can pitch term insurance plans to your clients. Tell them about the importance of financial protection not only for their siblings but for the family as a whole. They need to provide financial security to their family in their absence and term plans promise just that. So, use Bhai Dooj and show its connection to the protection offered by term insurance and sell term plans to your clients on the backdrop of protection.

Diwali is the time for new beginnings and you need to think something new to drive your business up. Use Diwali’s festivities and connect them to the importance of insurance so that you can show your clients how Diwali and insurance have a connection and this connection would also prove beneficial for your business.


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