Diwali is round the corner. Here’s how you can connect with your clients safely

connect with your clients safely

It is that time of the year again when festivities and socializing are the highlights. The Diwali season is all about celebrations and fresh beginnings where you look forward to the coming year with a positive outlook. It is time for you to set aside the negativity surrounding the pandemic and start your business afresh. Diwali also marks the Hindu New Year and this can be the right time for you to reconnect with your clients and give a boost to your business.

While reconnecting with clients is important for generating sales, you need to be cautious in doing so. The threat of COVID infection has not subsided and the infection is still spreading unchecked. You, therefore, need to be very careful when meeting with clients so that you and your clients do not face a chance of infection. Here are, therefore, five safe ways of reconnecting your clients which would not only help you avoid the possibility of an infection and also help you generate sales and grow your business –

  • Make video calls

    Thanks to the development of technology, the need of physical meetings has been eliminated. Now, you can easily connect with people through video calls. Do a WhatsApp video call, connect on Zoom or on Skype, there are different mobile applications which allow you free video calls with which you can talk to people face to face. So, video call your clients and connect with them to find out what exactly that they need. 

  • Phone calls are evergreen

    If video calling is not your preferred alternative, phone call is always the best solution. You can easily call up your clients and speak to them to find out their insurance requirements. Nowadays everyone has a mobile phone and the ease of connecting with a phone call has increased. So, call up your clients and talk to them. Wish them a happy festive season and then find out the help they need in insuring themselves. You can also fix up an appointment with them on the call and meet them personally if they need a more personalized assistance.

  • In-person meetings with social distancing

    Insurance is a technical subject and sometimes your clients might need your presence to solve their queries and buy a suitable product. As such, in some instances, in-person meetings become necessary. Since the lockdown has been lifted, you can easily meet with your clients if needed. Try and avoid meeting in-person but if the situation demands, be extremely careful. The lockdown might have been lifted but the pandemic is not yet over. Practice social distancing and always wear a mask at all times when meeting with your clients. Carry a sanitizer and sanitize yourself both before and after the meeting to avoid the possibility of catching the infection.

  •  Connect on WhatsApp

    WhatsApp has become a very popular mode of communication as it gives you ease of connecting with individuals. Even in your insurance business you can connect with your clients through WhatsApp. Send your clients WhatsApp greetings and then chat with them regarding their insurance requirements. You can also do a WhatsApp voice call or video call for proper conversation and connect with your clients virtually.

  • Send sweets online

    Since this is the festive season what better way to connect than to send sweets? Sending sweets to your clients would not only give them season’s greetings, it would also tell them that you consider them important. This can be the best way of connecting with them as it would remind them of your services and you can approach them for new business. 

The growth of your business is dependent on your clients and if you connect with your clients effectively, your business would boom. Use the above-mentioned ways to connect with your clients in a safe yet effective manner and start your insurance business on a positive note. You can also check out this video for successful video and audio calling tips when connecting with your clients –


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