A guide to bust popular life insurance myths

A guide to bust popular life insurance myths

You will find that there are certain people who are very reluctant to invest in insurance plans and that should not surprise you. People are justified in being unsure about things they do not understand. However, there are some misconceptions that you absolutely do need to clarify for the prospect. It is only when they […]

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IRDAI Circular – The Growth of Insurance Business: June 2018 vs June 2017

June proved yet another fruitful month for the insurance industry with both life insurance companies as well as general insurance companies posting positive growth. The premium collected by insurance companies in June 2018 showed an upward trend when compared to June 2017. Among general insurance companies, Aditya Birla Health Insurance and Cigna TTK posted the[…..]

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Increase your life insurance business by utilizing your NRI client base

  When it comes to selling life insurance plans, you look for contacts and get referrals from your contacts after a successful sale. You are aware that you can sell life insurance plans to your clients who are resident Indians. However, do you know that Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) can also be your clients for life[…..]

How to lower motor insurance premium?

As widely known, having a motor insurance is a legal mandate in India and around the world. People generally tend to opt for a comprehensive motor insurance plan which might offer them an own damage as well as the third-party damage cover too. Also, the premium paid for the motor insurance is also getting increased[…..]

Important communication skills to improve your sales

How speaking well can help you increase sales

Most of your work as an insurance agent revolves around talking. Talking to potential leads, talking to existing clients, talking to insurance companies. And the list goes on. Simply put, if you stop talking, your business stops moving so the things you say need to have maximum impact but at the same time not be[…..]