Growth in insurance business

IRDAI Circular– The Growth of Insurance Business: December 2018 vs December 2017

As the calendar year closed on December 31st, 2018, insurance companies logged in positive growth for the month of December 2018 compared to the month of December 2017. Both life insurance business and general insurance business grew at a good pace bringing in increased revenue for insurance companies.   The increase in business suggests better […]

Selling Insurance over Phone

5 Tips for How to Sell Insurance over the Phone

Technology has made the world a smaller place. Mobile phones have, in fact, removed the geographical barriers as everyone is now just a phone call away. Phones have become so convenient that even business deals can be closed on a phone call.   When it comes to selling insurance, you can use your phone to[…..]

insurance business with facebook messenger

फेसबुक मैसेंजर की सहायता से अपना इंश्योरेंस बिजनेस कैसे बढ़ाएं

एक इंश्योरेंस एजेंट के रूप में, आप हर सुबह अपने तय किए हुए टार्गेट के बारे में सोचते हुए उठते हैं। कैसे आप नयी लीड लें, कैसे नए क्लाइंट्स बनाएँ और कैसे उन्हें एक कस्टमर के रूप में बदल लें, यही सवाल रोज सुबह आपके मन में रहते होंगे। देखने में यह सब कुछ बहुत[…..]

Valentine financial security

Gift your Valentine financial security this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and most of you are busy thinking of gifting ideas for your loved ones. Flowers, chocolates, cards and gift hampers are very much in demand. What about you? What are you planning to gift your Valentine? How about financial security? Everyone resorts to flowers and chocolates as the[…..]

maternity health insurance plans

Group v/s individual maternity health plans- what you should know

Maternity coverage is an essential coverage that one seeks in a health insurance plan. This can cover a wide range of medical expenses related to pregnancy such as pre-natal check-ups, hospitalization expenses during delivery and post-natal care and expenses of newborn baby etc.   In most of the group health insurance plans offered by the[…..]