Video Marketing Strategies For Insurance Agents

Video marketing strategies and ideas for insurance agents

In this digital era, video marketing is one of the easiest, fastest and cheapest ways to promote your insurance business. By providing a visual representation of how or why you should do something, you automatically create a deeper connection with your audience who also gain a better understanding of the concept being explained to them. […]

How To Build Emotional Connect While Selling an Insurance

Why an emotional connect is needed to sell insurance

When you meet someone, first impressions count. If you do not manage to keep a person engaged with you, then your battle to grip their attention and get them to be a potential customer is already half lost. In order to build a long-lasting relationship, establishing a positive and strong connection right from the beginning[…..]

Email Etiquette To Grow Insurance Business

How good email etiquette can help increase your conversions

An important part of your insurance business is the way you communicate with your prospects and clients. A large part of your professional communications would happen over email, so you have to think about the kind of message and tonality with which you are sending out communications to prospects. Your choice of words, grammar, organisation[…..]

why critial illness insurance is important

What is critical illness plan and why It’s important for your client? 

Alok is a resident of Gurgaon in his mid-forties. His family includes his homemaker wife and a 15-year-old son. He was diagnosed with liver cancer a couple of months back. He had to undergo a surgery and a host of tests and prolonged treatment. His health insurance policy covered the hospitalization cost and also the[…..]