Retirement financial planning

Importance of retirement planning in every stage of financial planning

Retirement is an inevitable phase of every individual’s life wherein they bid adieu to their regular incomes and job. Though the income stream dries up, expenses don’t. In fact, given the deteriorating health, expenses increase after retirement. How can individuals live a worry-free retired life in such situations?   The answer is simple – through[…..]

life stage selling

Life-stage selling: A sales technique that works

Once people get a job their financial responsibilities start building up. They marry, have children and then plan for their family’s secure financial future. This financial planning is often considered to be a stressful thing to do because many individuals are unsure about the right investment avenues which would fulfill their financial goals. What they[…..]

joint life insurance policy

When does a joint life insurance policy really make sense?

You must be familiar with the concept of joint bank accounts where married couples, parents and children or business partners own a single bank account in their names. Similarly, there is a concept of joint application in case of loans where two or more individuals can apply for a single loan. In the life insurance[…..]

long term motor policy

Long term motor policies: what you should advise your clients

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) continuously makes changes in the rules and regulations governing insurance policies. Various structural changes in insurance policies are proposed by the IRDAI from time to time. In recent times IRDAI has made some prominent changes in motor insurance plans for new cars and bikes bought on[…..]