How going digital will help you sell better and grow your business?

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The year 2020 has taught us some new concepts of modern-day living as the Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live. Terms like ‘lockdown’, ‘social distancing’, ‘personal hygiene’ and ‘work from home’ are here to stay. With the virus being contagious in nature, businesses in India have come to a standstill. The Government has imposed a lockdown where social gatherings, going to schools and offices, paying a visit to someone and other face-to-face meetings have been prohibited. Does that mean that your insurance business needs to stop?

No it doesn’t. Thanks to the availability of internet and the digital platform, the whole world is adapting to this lockdown type situation. Watching online content, connecting with loved ones through video calls, work from home though video conferencing has become the new normal. With the digital tools that you have at your disposal today, being locked at home does not have to hamper your insurance sales.

Insurance has gone digital and you too can bank on this digital wave by switching to digital sales. You can sell insurance policies online to your contacts without having to meet them face to face. Do you know how? 

The answer is through the Mintpro application. The Mintpro app is especially designed to help PoSPs to easily sell insurance to their clients. If you are a PoSP with Mintpro, you can easily download the application on your Smartphone, register yourself and start using it to sell insurance policies online. Some of the benefits which Mintpro app gives you are as follows –

  • Lead generation and follow-up

    The app helps you generate and add leads on your phone. You can create and save leads information on the app so that when you need to find clients, you can use the recorded leads to find out which clients to approach for which insurance policy.

  • Generating quotes

    One of the best features of the app is the facility to generate quotes online. You can pick the type of insurance policy your client needs, enter in the coverage details of the client and get the premium rate of different insurance companies right on your Smartphone. You can then share the quotes via sms, email or whatsapp with your clients who can select the best policy suitable policy as per their needs.

  • Selling online

    After your client selects the policy, you can guide him to buy the policy or the client can buy himself via the transactional link. Thus, you don’t have to visit your clients for selling an insurance plan. You can communicate online or over the phone, share premium quotes, help your client select the correct insurance policy and then send them the link to buy the policy online. You can, therefore, stay at home and sell insurance easily with the help of the Mintpro app.

  • Business tracking 

    Besides helping you to sell insurance online, the Mintpro app also helps you track your business. You can find out the number of policies sold till date as well as the commission earned. The app also gives you renewal reminders so that you can help your clients renew their policies timely. This timely renewal not only helps you provide post sales service to your clients, it also helps you maintain persistency and generate renewal commissions.

  • Claim assistance

    Another added feature of the Mintpro app is the assistance provided in times of claims. Given the current pandemic, if your clients need to make a health insurance claim or if they incur any other type of claim, you can assist your clients get their claims settled using the Mintpro app. The application would guide you with the correct claim procedure so that you can help your clients with claim assistance.

  • Free online training certification and learning 

    With the spare time that you have in hand, you can also have access to online training and become a certified PoSP with Mintpro if you are not already a licensed advisor. If, on the other hand, you are a licensed advisor, you can brush up on your knowledge of insurance through free learning modules which are available on the app. These learning modules would enrich your knowledge and help you solve customer queries easily. 

With the Mintpro app at your disposal, going digital couldn’t be more easy, could it?

Work from home has become the normal mode of working, at least till the virus continues affecting people. Why let the lockdown hamper your business? Use the Mintpro app and connect with your clients online. The online platform allows you to sell insurance policies quickly and that too without the need to meet in person. So, download and use the Mintpro app on your phone and change the way you sell insurance. Your business would not only become more convenient, it would also grow despite the difficulty of meeting clients personally.


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