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Every year, after the first week of June goes by, our friend – the monsoon rain, greets us. The beginning of the monsoon also means that it’s the end of our favorite season – the summer! While this is a normal turn of events during this time of the year, the rains definitely give us a reason to be prepared should unexpected events occur.

What are the unexpected events that may occur? How can one protect themselves? That is what we are going to talk about in this article. And should these unexpected events arise, there are certain things you can do before the rains to ensure that you and your family are covered and protected in all the available ways. This is what you should be telling your prospects and your clients as their insurance agents. The people who buy insurance plans from you will appreciate your foresight when you are able to educate them on the need to have a mix of insurance policies before the heavy showers arrive. So, let us see what are the insurance plans and policies that would be of benefit to your clients and potential prospects during the monsoon months:

Prepare by buying an extensive/exhaustive health insurance plan

During monsoons, everyone is prone to falling sick at a higher frequency, and there is a host of diseases and illness to worry about like malaria, dengue, viral fever and typhoid amongst others. While people can protect themselves by opting for a specific insurance plan that covers a particular disease at low costs, it is always better to have an extensive health insurance plan that is a blanket for a variety of diseases that can be expected with the monsoons. This type of an insurance plan also helps with medical costs, as well as medical treatments for accidents that could arise due to the monsoons. Basically, your client will get more value out of an extensive health insurance plan as opposed for just paying for a specific insurance plans that cover only certain diseases such as dengue or diabetes.

Consider buying a personal accident plan

Advise your prospects and clients to consider a personal accident insurance plan to be bought separately in order to be protected against any monetary payment that comes out of accidents leading to injury or death caused by roads filled with potholes and cloudy skies. This kind of insurance plan takes care of both, the amount that has been pre-decided according to injuries caused or disabilities formed and in the event of death, a full assured sum will be paid out. Remind the interested parties of the peace of mind one will get on knowing they are protected from any financial pitfalls that could arise due to an uncertain event.

Ensure you have adequate add-on motor vehicle insurance covers

With heavy rains and water logging, vehicles on the road are at a greater risk of damage during the monsoons. Ensuring your clients are prepared for this is important as a standard car insurance policy does not cover damage to a vehicle’s engine due to exposure to floods and excess water. Due to this, many people end up having to pay for new parts and repairs out of their own pockets, which instead could be avoided with having the right add-on insurance policy covers in place. Below are a few add-on covers that you could suggest to your clients:

  • A zero depreciation cover helps cover costs of repairs owing to wear and tear of certain car parts, including the paint, rubber, plastic and metal parts.
  • An emergency road side assistance cover is especially vital to have in place during the time of accidents (more common than you think during the rainy season!). This cover also has you taken care of during the time of towing, changing flat tyres and refuelling in the case your car breaks down owing to heavy showers and water-logging.
  • An engine and gearbox protector add-on helps cover your vehicle for any engine or electronic circuit damage it may face due to water-logging. This can help save a lot of money, as new parts and repairs for these parts can be very expensive.

A Home Insurance Policy can be very beneficial

Home insurance policies in particular can be very beneficial in cutting financial losses, especially in times of unexpected damages such as with excessive floods and rains. Along with your home in itself, policy holders can even protect certain belongings within their homes with this add-on cover in place. Advising your clients to have a basic home insurance policy in place during the monsoon can be hugely beneficial to them!

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