Have you ensured the Atmanirbharta of your clients?

The stress on self-reliance and Make in India has increased considerably in recent times when the Prime Minister used and stressed on the word ‘Atmanirbharta’. While Indian industries have localized their operations and businesses are becoming self-reliant, how Atmanirbhar are your clients? When we talk about being self-reliant or Atmanirbhar, the main focus is on […]

health insurance

The pandemic has changed the face of the insurance market. Do you know how?

Health insurance has been at the forefront, in terms of need, in this Coronavirus pandemic. As the cases cross new milestones every few days, people are increasingly feeling the need to invest in a health insurance plan which would cover their medical costs if they were to test positive of COVID. The insurance regulator, IRDAI[…..]

Atmanirbharta race

Where do you stand in this Atmanirbharta race?

Ever since our honourable Prime Minister urged India to be ‘Atmanirbhar’ in an address amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, the term is trending. While earlier Atmanirbharta only meant self-reliance, now, it is becoming a way of life. People across the country are trying their best to be as Atmanirbhar as possible so that they can battle[…..]

insurance plans

Help your clients create a protection portfolio to face this pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused considerable financial damage besides the physiological damage suffered due to contracting the virus. Economic activities have slowed down and caused a loss of income for many. Moreover, in case of hospitalisation or death due to the virus, many households are facing a considerable financial strain. Amidst such a situation, you,[…..]