How do you create your digital presence?

going digital

Internet has taken the world by storm. Everything is available at the click of a button. No geographical barriers, no limited choices and no unavailability. Even insurance companies are not left behind. They too have gone digital. Nowadays, all types of insurance plans are available online. Insurance buyers, too, have become tech-savvy. Today, prospective insurance customers go online, find their insurance requirements, compare the plans online and then buy.

What about you? Where are you in this digital race? Have you gone digital or are you losing your clients to the new digital competition?

Going digital is not difficult if you know how. If you are wondering how you can create a digital presence, worry not. Here are some ways in which you can successfully make your mark on the digital platform:

Create a Google business listing

Google is the ultimate solution for all things unknown. People use Google search for all their queries and research. Google also allows businesses to create their listings online. When you create a Google Business Listing, your business details are shared with people looking for similar information using Google. Your business information is reflected in Google Search and Google Maps. You can create your own website, share your business information, engage your customers online and also get reviews. What’s more, creating a listing is free! Find out more here

Create Bing places for business

A close second to Google is Bing. Bing also lets you create your listing easily. You can place your business in Bing’s existing business listing or create a new list. Then you would have to upload your business profile and your listing would be verified. Once verified you can get new clients through the Bing listing. This facility, like Google listing, is free.

Create a Facebook page and link it with your clients

How many times have you browsed your Facebook page and found new businesses being liked and subscribed to by your friends and family? Facebook has become the latest tool for advertising business. You would find many business listings on Facebook. You too can create a Facebook page of your business and share it with your clients. When your existing clients endorse your page, it becomes visible to their network which creates a wider base of prospective clients for you.

You can also promote your Facebook page to people near your business. You can create your Facebook page here

Create a LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn in a special website designed for businesses. You can find clients, connect with your competitors and also find out the recent trends in the insurance industry. When you create a LinkedIn profile, clients can find your business when they look for insurance distributors. So, create your LinkedIn business profile for your business. Start creating your business page here:

Connect with your clients on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has been another revolution in social networking. It is free, user-friendly and widely used. You can broadcast your business message to your existing clients by adding them to your WhatsApp network. You can also send insurance tips and facts, answer customer queries and bust popular insurance myths by connecting with clients through WhatsApp.

Answer questions on Quora

Quora is a question-answer website where individuals ask questions which are then answered by other people. The website has become very a popular platform for individuals to share their questions and get answers. You can also post your answers on Quora. When you post answers you can leave your details and business information. People who like your answers can visit your business website and you can generate higher revenue. You can visit quora here

Going digital is the best option if you want to adapt to the modern tech-savvy generation. Post your insurance business online and increase your business volume. Your clients would also be happier as they can access you easily. So, take your pick and go digital!

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