How good email etiquette can help increase your conversions


An important part of your insurance business is the way you communicate with your prospects and clients. A large part of your professional communications would happen over email, so you have to think about the kind of message and tonality with which you are sending out communications to prospects. Your choice of words, grammar, organisation of thoughts and clarity of communication form the basis on which a client or prospect judge your credentials and thereby decide whether or not to do business with you.
To start with, definitely avoid typing out quick messages, without much thought and then sending them off. Do not be hasty in your communications – remember to proofread once before you hit the send button! You also need to also be paying attention to the tone you choose to use, the message you are conveying and the length of each and every email. Bear in mind that you should not overdo it, especially to the point that even a quick glance at your name makes the receiver of the email presume it is spam. If you come across as annoying in their mailboxes, you could end up ruining your chances at gaining a new client.

Today we are going to share a few things you should be including in your emails and some of the things you should avoid, so here goes:

Grammar and spellings are so important:

In the interest of time, you might find yourself writing in abbreviations or in text message language – know that this is a definite no-no. Your spellings have to be correct and if you are unsure of what the correct spelling of a word is, run your email text through a spelling and grammar checker such as Grammarly . You should also always make it a point to remember and use the correct spelling of the name of the prospect you are communicating with. A small typo with their name can cause them to consider that as an insurance agent if you don’t care enough or aren’t bothered to even remember their name, why would you be a good enough insurance agent to work with?

Keep it brief:

If you are trying to drive a point to your prospect through your email communications, you must remember to keep it concise and to the point. You don’t want to be going on an on about something the point that the original message gets lost in all the noise. It is hence important to figure out what it is you want to share and how it would benefit the reader i.e your prospect. Share various policy options, and drive the value proposition for each of them, in a way that positively impacts the prospect and motivates them to get buying. Using tables and visual representations to drive your point further, can be beneficial in this regard.

Break it down and keep things simple by avoiding jargon:

Being an insurance agent, you are constantly exposed to the terminology used in the insurance industry. This may sound too complex for your prospects to understand so break it down into simple English to effectively explain the concepts of each potential insurance plan being proposed. This will motivate your prospect to make more informed decisions on whether or not they want to buy a particular plan. By providing them with information in a simplified way in which they best understand, you will also in all likelihood, boost their confidence in you as their insurance agent because you are are empowering them to make decisions for themselves, instead of forcing options that could be confusing, as many other agents may do.

Make yourself accessible:

At the end of your email, just after you sign off with your name, make sure to include your address and your mobile number. This is handy because you want your prospect to be assured that he or she can reach you in a way that is most comfortable to them. Someone may prefer talking to you on the phone instead of hitting the reply button on an email or they might have a pressing question to ask that they would feel better hearing the answer directly in a spoken conversation so give them the opportunity and the assurance that they can do this. This makes them recognize and appreciate the fact that their potential insurance agent is always available to them.

Implement these simple strategies into your everyday conversations via email and watch it make a positive difference to your business. Our aim is to help you understand the best possible ways to grow as an insurance agent and we are absolutely certain that if you implement these strategies you will notice over time all the positive impacts these tips have on your insurance business.

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