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Most of your work as an insurance agent revolves around talking. Talking to potential leads, talking to existing clients, talking to insurance companies. And the list goes on. Simply put, if you stop talking, your business stops moving so the things you say need to have maximum impact but at the same time not be so overpowering as to put anyone off. Language influences sales in a big way and lucky for you it is something that can be mastered with practice.

If you find this overwhelming, worry not. We have made a list of points that would benefit you greatly if you bring these out in your everyday conversations:

Address your prospect by name

Call them by their name – it shows that you are attentive and personal. Most people do not want to be doing business with or dealing with a person who hasn’t bothered to learn their name. If you can’t find a way to address a prospect by their name throughout your conversation, you are not making much of a connection! People feel good and are more open to your thoughts when you afford them this basic courtesy.

Package your pricings in a way that appeals to your prospect

Nothing makes a prospect lose interest than hearing that they have to shell out a large amount. So for example, an insurance plan costs Rs. 30,000 a year, then you tell them that the monthly expense for the plan would be only Rs.2500. And similarly, you let them know how much money they would be saving by going with this particular insurance place, by presenting an approximate figure of how much money gets saved in an entire year. This is more likely to get you a positive response. Think about it this way, a large dinner plate makes a person feel like their stomach is full just by looking at the plate full of food, but if you serve a meal in smaller courses, it becomes much easier to finish all the food! Similarly, feed your prospects in small doses over multiple courses, do not overwhelm them. Breaking things down into average monthly costs is another good trick in relation to this. For example, instead of saying Rs. 12,000 annually, you can refer to a cost of the same policy as Rs. 1,000 a month instead.

1240 over One Thousand Two Hundred and Forty

As mentioned earlier, when giving a price that shows how much money is being saved, you can elongate the amount whereas when you want to show how much needs to be spent then a casual 12-40 will suffice. The longer version sounds like a lot of money while the short one makes it sound like a considerably lesser amount.

Avoid being technical

A good insurance agent knows he has to take even the most complicated insurance term and break it down into a format that anyone can understand. People feel like other people use complicated terminology as a means to sound a whole lot intelligent than they really are. The truth is the more you simplify something, the smarter you look. Plus, your efforts to uncomplicated matters will always be appreciated.

Respect is the name of the game

It doesn’t matter as an insurance agent whether you are young and new in this business or old and have years of experience by your side. But addressing all your prospects with respect and courtesy, calling them “Sir” or “Madam” – these are the little touches that will take you far. Prospects and clients will always have kind things to say about their insurance agent who always makes them feel like they are valued.

These are just a few things that you can bring to life in your day to day conversations at your job. The right thing said at the right time in the right way will make people want to invest in you. Yes, people are investing in you for their preferred insurance policies, but if you are kind and insightful and giving with your time, your insurance business can and will thrive.

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