How to grow your Insurance business with the help of Facebook Messenger.

insurance business with facebook messenger

As an insurance agent, you wake up every morning focused on your goals – to find leads, zero in on the prospects and convert them into paying clients. It sounds simple but really, there is a lot of effort that is required in order for this process to happen successfully. We have shared plenty of information on how to find new leads, how to make use of social media and what to do to convert a prospect into a client. Today we are going to talk about how we can use Facebook’s messenger service to help grow your insurance business.


The Messenger app is incredibly popular and wonderful for fostering great relationships. People use Messenger not only to connect with friends, but also to contact their favoured brands to get their queries answered other customer support and service needs. So, how can you strengthen relationships, grow conversions and keep your audience engaged using Messenger?


Here are some strategies insurance agents can use in order to engage with his or her audience:

Make use of the Chatbots:


Before we go into how to avail of this feature on the Messenger app, let us first explain what exactly a chatbot is. Simply put, a chatbot is a tool that gives off responses that have been pre-planned according to the questions it expects to receive. This is a blessing as it is another means for prospects to reach out to you especially if you find yourself having a busy schedule. When people reach out, most of the time they might lose interest or get back to you later, so it is useful to have a set of answers ready for the most frequently answered questions/expected questions. Simple queries about the location of your address of your office hours can be handled by the chat bot. You can even set up the bot to take appointments or have the prospect fill up forms.

Long story short, user actions from the prospect will trigger an automated response from the bot, which is easy to set up and link to your company’s Facebook business page.


Share information directly to the prospect via chatbots:


All the information that you share on social media in order to boost your credibility as an insurance agent can be shared directly with a prospect through the chat bot. The truth is social media is all about timing, once you share the information, you don’t get to control who sees it and when. But if you share your content through Messenger you can be rest assured that the person you intended for it to see is reading it. Messenger is in a way like E-mail. People will read everything you send and they will get back to you. For ease of communications, you can get the chatbot to send a message giving the reader a chance to choose to read more information should they be interested. This is great because then you know that whoever has opted to receive content is definitely interested in what you have to say.

To understand the effectiveness of Chatbots, let’s take the example of HDFC Bank. Since its launch, HDFC Bank OnChat has witnessed a surprising 160% month-on-month growth in transactions while garnering over 2.4 million messages. The bot can send personalized communications to customers, like payment reminders, and is smart enough to decipher a mix of Hindi and English – just the way a lot of Hindi-speaking Indians prefer to talk in real life.


Use Ads on the Messenger App for marketing your insurance business:


You can target people who have already reached out to you on your Facebook page through click to messenger ads. Basically, anyone who sees your ad on their Facebook Newsfeed and clicks on it, a chat window of the Messenger App will open up with a bot offering information. Click to messenger ads are really simple to set up and a fantastic way to have an engaging conversation with an interested prospect.


Real time customer service through Messenger:


Yes, bots are great. But you can supplement their greatness by providing real time customer support through your inputs. There is nothing like being able to sell your insurance agency yourself considering as an insurance agent you would know best on everything in the insurance industry. Besides when a prospect leaves a query, you can be effective and reply with a well thought out answer that may lead them to asking more questions or even showing interest in meeting face to face.


Facebook allows insurance firms to deploy distribution, claims and customer service straight into a platform that has 900 million regular users each month and supports 60 billion messages every day, something definitely worth considering for your insurance business.


Technology evolves on a day-to-day basis, so it is important to keep up to date and experiment with different tools online and offline in a bid to improve business growth. Clients always appreciate when they see an insurance agent making an effort to be accessible 24×7. Another thing to keep in mind, we are living in a generation where plenty of millennials are your ideal prospects, and since all of them can be reached online, it is important that you make your presence felt in the areas where they dominate.



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