How you can help your clients to expedite the motor claim settlement

Handling your customers’ claims is your true test in rendering post-sale services. If you help your customers in getting their claims settled, not only would you gain their trust, you would also be able to increase your revenue through their word-of-mouth publicity. Furthermore, the speed of claim settlement is also an important parameter on which your customers judge you. Take for instance motor insurance claims. You can educate your customers to inform the insurance company and follow the protocol of claim settlement. But what if you can get their claims settled quickly?

Yes, the advancement of technology is a boon in expediting your client’s motor insurance claims. Did you know about it?

Thanks to the popularity of smartphones and internet connectivity, your clients can get their claims settled through pictures and videos sent to the insurance company. Leading insurers, nowadays, have eased the claim process for motor insurance claims. They have introduced automation facilities wherein your customers can shoot pictures and videos of the damages suffered. Companies have also launched their apps which can be used to upload photos and videos of the claim. Once the photos and videos have been shared with the insurance company, the company uses data analytics to assess the claims and settles it.

There are some pointers which you should tell your clients to keep in mind though. These include the following –

  1. The customer should have a smartphone with a camera resolution of 4MP and more.
  2. The video should be clearly recorded in daylight and it should have a 360-degree view of the vehicle in one clip.
  3. Videos of the RC book, policy document and driving license are also required.

IRDA has allowed claims of up to Rs. 50,000 to be raised and settled through videos and pictures. Different companies have adopted different limits. ICICI Lombard allows claims of up to Rs. 20,000 to be done through videos and pictures while Bajaj Allianz is allowing claims of up to Rs. 50,000 through its ‘Motor on the Spot’ facility.

Technology has made things easier and a motor insurance claim process is not left behind. It can be settled easily and quickly if your clients know how. So, educate your customers about this technology and help them expedite their claim settlement process.

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