Bike Insurance name change policy

Name change in bike insurance plan: the why, when and how?

The insurance policy should be updated with all the current details of the bike so that it can provide a valid cover. If there are any changes, the same should be recorded in the insurance policy. When it comes to changes in the bike, the most common change is the change in the name of […]

bike insurance cover theft

Does bike insurance cover theft?

When you buy a bike insurance policy you often look at the premium which would be paid for the policy. When it comes to the coverage features, many of you are clueless. You know that the policy would prove handy in case of an accident but the exact coverage benefits escape your attention.   Types[…..]

term insurance with rider

Is it worth to take term insurance with rider in 2019?

Term insurance plans give you and your family the financial protection which is required in the absence of the breadwinner. When you buy a term plan with an optimal coverage level you make sure that your family would be financially taken care of in the event of your unfortunate demise. Term plans are cheap and[…..]

Selling Insurance over Phone

5 Tips for How to Sell Insurance over the Phone

Technology has made the world a smaller place. Mobile phones have, in fact, removed the geographical barriers as everyone is now just a phone call away. Phones have become so convenient that even business deals can be closed on a phone call.   When it comes to selling insurance, you can use your phone to[…..]