Top 5 app tools for an insurance agent

app tools for an insurance agent

When it comes to mobile applications, one is completely spoiled for choice. There are applications for every possible need whether it is for grocery shopping, appliance shopping, banking or making financial transactions, you name the need and there would be an app to meet it. Even selling insurance has been greatly simplified with insurance agent apps which help agents insurance through their Smartphones itself. Moreover, there are other app-related tools, which, when used, make it simpler and quicker for insurance agents to sell insurance policies. Do you know which are the best and the most relevant app tools for insurance agents?

No? Let’s find out –


Tool #1 – Lead maintenance and tracking


Your contacts are your goldmine from which you can mine customers and make attractive income. That is why the first app tool which you require is the tool for creating your contact database and then tracking the lead that you generate. The tool should not only contain your contacts, it should also show which contacts have been approached, which have been converted to leads and how close are your leads to buying an insurance policy from you. Google notes is a good app which you can use to note down your contacts and leads.


Tool #2 – A tool for comparison


The next important tool is a policy comparison tool. This tool would help you and your customers compare the available insurance policies and then choose a policy which promises the best benefits at the most reasonable premium rates. There are various apps in market which help you compare insurance policies on your Smartphones. OneInsure is one such app which lets you compare different types of insurance policies at one platform.


Tool #3 – A tool for calculating the premium of the policy


How would your customers compare different insurance policies before they know the applicable rate of premium. Moreover, customers also need to know the premium which would be charged by the policy before they buy an insurance plan. That is why a premium calculator tool is very essential. There is an app called LIC premium calculator app which helps you calculating the premium of your LIC policies.


Tool #4 – Commission tracking tool


Wouldn’t you want to know the commission which you have earned so far in your insurance career? You would and that is why a tool for tracking the commission of the agent is necessary. It helps the agent know the income earned from insurance sales and also motivates the agent in selling more insurance policies.


Tool # 5 – A tool to assist with insurance claims


Getting your clients’ claims settled is a challenging job and also one which helps build your clients’ trusts and make you a successful insurance agent. That’s why you need a tool to assist you with claim settlements. The app should have a claim assistance tool to raise a claim and get the claim process at your fingertips.


These are the five most important and also most popular app tools for insurance agents which makes their life easier. While there are several apps in the market which provide you with one or more of the above-stated tools, what if you can get one app which contains all these tools and more?


Yes, you heard it right! MintPro app is your all-in-one solution for every tool which you might require. It gives you every tool at your disposal to easily sell insurance plans and build your career. Some of the benefits of the app are as follows –


  • The app provides you a single window for selling insurance policies of different brands. This lets you and your clients compare the plans of more than 30 life and general insurance companies to find the best plan


  • Purchasing the insurance plan can be done using the app the paperless way


  • The app provides a simple process of paying insurance premiums, renewing the insurance policies and issuing the policy


  • An expert claim assistance is provided by the app which helps the claims getting settled easily and quickly


  • The Point of Sale Persons (PoSPs) can get early claim pay-outs. Moreover, the commissions can be tracked on the app in real-time


  • The app also provides complete support in marketing and branding of insurance policies


  • The insurance policy is issued online and can be stored online too


So, why look for multiple apps for helping you with your insurance sales when MintPro does the work of all apps itself?


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