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Insurance agent App

Smartphones have become a common possession for today’s youth. Almost everyone owns a Smartphone with a fast internet connection which helps them lead a simpler and easy life. With multiple applications being developed for Smartphones, the world has actually come to your fingertips.

So, smartphones have actually helped us consolidate our lives, especially if certain features can be used effectively. Smartphones are not just for scrolling through social media! There are certain very beneficial apps that can make a significant difference to your lives!

How can smartphones be beneficial to you?

There are certain apps which can help you in your insurance business. Technology can boost sales, pre-sales as well as post-sales. And there are certain features that you can expect an ideal app to have, in order to be of maximum benefit to you!

Top #5 Features of an ideal insurance agent app:

1. One-Stop-Solution:

An ideal Insurance agent app should be a one-stop solution for all your sales help with a complete end-to-end service. The app should be able to suggest the ideal insurance plan for the customer based on his requirements, provide a table of comparison of the various insurance products, help you in applying for the insurance policy for the customer and logging in the details with the insurer and issuance of the same.

Thus, your ideal Insurance App should have all the tools which you require in order to close a sale with your prospective customer so that it helps you in selling an insurance policy very easily, without much hassle!

2. Maintain Contact with your Customers:

The ideal insurance agent app should double up as your personal secretary and help you maintain contact and rapport with your customers by providing your easy data on their contact details, birthday reminders, policy renewal reminders, etc. so that you do not miss out of encashing any of the benefits and helping the customer too!
Success in the insurance industry comes with repetitive business and by maintaining a good relationship with your clients.
Thus, an ideal Insurance agent app should keep a record of all your customers and give you timely reminders of the renewal dates. You can, then, in turn, remind your clients about the same and give them post-sale services.

3. Sales report and Generate leads:

A good insurance agent app should maintain a complete record of your insurance sale history and thus able to generate leads. Through the CRM, you should be able to track the business you have done, commission payout details, customer contact established reports, etc.
So, an ideal app for you should be able to generate an MIS for you to track your sales, customer engagement report, commission payouts, etc. at your fingertips!

4. Claim settlement:

A claim is the most important reason for loyalty towards an insurance agent. Thus, an app which helps you settle insurance claims for your customers would be the answer to most of your concerns.
So, a claim settlement guide on your app would make it perfect for your insurance career to be successful!

5. Online assistance:

An ideal app should be able to resolve all your queries which include an online assistance and guide which can provide an answer to all your queries.
Ideally, you should be able to log a query in the application and you get a quick solution so that your business is not hampered.
So, wouldn’t it be superb if you get an application on your smartphone which can be operated by your fingertips with all the above-mentioned features? If you think so to, then MintPro is the answer to your needs!

Why MintPro?

Mintpro is one such app which promises you all the above-mentioned features. In this app you can register to become a Point of Sale Person (PoSP) and start your insurance career. Thereafter you can avail the above-mentioned features to boost your insurance sales.
Some most important features of the Mintpro application –

  • There are both life insurance and general insurance products that are offered on the app like:
    • Life Insurance:
      • Term plans
      • Endowment plans
    • General Insurance:
      • Car Insurance plans
      • Bike insurance plans
      • Health insurance plans
      • Commercial vehicle insurance
  • There is an inbuilt CRM software in the app. The software lets you track your sales in real time. You can see the clients you have sold the policy to, the renewal date of the policies, the commission earned on each and other details.
  • You get automated reports and MIS is generated on the app which helps you track your sales and earnings


Thus, your Smartphone promises you complete assistance in selling insurance policies. To fasttrack your insurance career, choose Mintpro’s app and avail of the beneficial features that the app promises and boost your earnings.


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