Video marketing strategies and ideas for insurance agents

video marketing

In this digital era, video marketing is one of the easiest, fastest and cheapest ways to promote your insurance business. By providing a visual representation of how or why you should do something, you automatically create a deeper connection with your audience who also gain a better understanding of the concept being explained to them. Video marketing is one of the best ways to help your business become successful, as explained in our previous blog post (linked here). There are numerous strategies that could be adopted and used in order to get the best results. These have been discussed below –

    1. Customer Experiences – Hearing the testimonials of actual users is more powerful and believable than listening to a salesman.


    1. Short Videos – You can upload multiple short videos, each having a different topic to engage with your clients and customers.


    1. Tutorials – You can use videos to help your clients out by explaining certain concepts to them and showing them how to get the most value out of their policy and the add-ons that could go with them. The tutorials can address certain common queries, thus saving people time and effort. Topics could include explaining complex terms of insurance, talking about the importance of insurance, how to buy insurance smartly, etc.


    1. Show a Journey – Videos can be used to show your journey as an insurance agent over the years. Glimpses of events, clients and moments can be highlighted.


  1. Act it out – The good part about videos is that it is an audio-visual medium. Thus, not only do you just have to talk and explain concepts, you can also demonstrate your points by acting it out. This is where creativity comes into play.

The scope for video marketing strategies is endless. It is a convenient and necessary method to increase your online presence. The beauty lies in the fact that a video can be recorded anywhere. You don’t need fancy equipment and lots of money. You can just use your phone, a simple camera or even an ipad. Almost all gadgets have video recording capabilities, making it simpler, easier and more efficient.

To push these videos out to a relevant audience, you can first tap into your very own WhatsApp database. Upload these videos onto Youtube and share the links on WhatsApp and Facebook with all your friends, family and extended network. With Cost-per-click and Video View ads, you can even spend a fixed budget on ensuring that relevant targeted audiences watch your videos.

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