Why an Aegon Term Life Insurance plan is a good plan to sell

Why an Aegon Term Life Insurance plan is a good plan to sell

As an insurance agent, you should see to it that you are always updated and well informed about all the existing, as well as new plans that are rolled out by insurance companies. What are the types of plans out there? Who do they apply to? What are the benefits that your clients stand to gain and so forth – you are expected to know these things because no prospect will sign up with an agent who is only half – informed.


Today, we are looking at a specific plan under a company -Aegon Life called the Aegon Life Term Insurance plan. This insurance company launched in the year 2008 and is one of the major players in the insurance market. It is a leader in various fields such as financial services, life insurance, pensions and asset management. Under life insurance, they have several types of plans and policies but today we are talking about the one highlighted above: the Aegon Life Term Insurance Plan.


The features of this plan are as follows:


  1. There are two options to avail of with regards to death benefits in this plan.
  2. In the first option, the Sum Assured would be paid. Whereas in the second option, half of the Sum Assured is paid right away on death occurring. While the other half of this Sum Assured is paid monthly at a rate of 3% for the following five years.
  3. An accidental death benefit rider is built in with the Aegon Life Term Insurance Plan and it says that the sum assured will be paid in addition, in the event of the person insured dying in an accident.
  4. Premiums that have been paid and claims that are received are exempt from tax.
  5. In this plan one can avail of additional riders that give comprehensive coverage. These include Aegon Life CI Rider ,Women Care rider and TPD rider. The Aegon Life CI rider covers certain Critical illnesses in which the Sum Assured has been paid in the event that the insured person has been diagnosed with any of the specified illnesses that fall under Critical Illness. In the second rider, Women Care rider critical illnesses that are specific to women only are covered and a part of the Sum Assured payment can be given to women if they are diagnosed with any of the illnesses that fall under women specific critical illnesses. The last rider, the TPD rider is one where the Sum Assured will be paid if the person insured has been diagnosed with Total and Permanent Disability.


Clearly the Aegon Life Term Insurance is a well thought out and solid plan to be offering to your clients. Nothing makes client more likely to buy a plan then when they know it comes from a reputable insurance company and this coupled with your knowledge on all the insurance plans available along with its features will certainly convince them to take a leap of faith and buy something that will only do good for them in the long run.


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