5 health resolutions for 2019: help yourself and your clients for a healthy 2019

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New Year and resolutions go hand in hand. In fact, it has become a trend to make a resolution for the next year as the current one draws to a close. Common resolutions are to lose weight, to achieve a promotion, to buy a new car or a house, etc.  How many of you make a resolution to get healthy?


Health is wealth. If you stay healthy you not only lead a good and long life, your medical expenses are also reduced. You should, therefore, make resolutions for a healthier year ahead. Moreover, you should also urge your clients to do the same. Here are some healthy resolutions which you should pledge to in the coming year–


1. I would quit smoking


Smoking, though addictive, causes serious health complications. Disclaimers about the hazards of smoking are mentioned on the box of cigarettes itself. Do you pay attention to it? You should. If you value your health and want to lead a healthy life, quit smoking.


When you do so, you would not only get rid of grave medical complications, your insurance premiums would also come down. Term insurance plans charge lower premiums for non-smokers. Even health plans allow discounts if you don’t smoke.


2. I would take regular walks


Morning walk is quite beneficial as it energizes your body, makes your body active and gives you fresh air to breathe. If you don’t get time in the morning, hit the treadmill. Walk regularly to increase your energy, stamina and to become healthy.


Walking is also known to lower your body weight and prevent lifestyle-related illnesses which harm your body in the long run. Incorporate a walk of 45 minutes to an hour in your daily routine and improve your health.


3. I would drink enough water


Drinking enough water seems like a simple task and yet many of you fail. More than 70% of your body comprises of water and water helps you flush out toxins.


It makes your face glow, prevents constipation and keeps all your organs in good working condition. Make a pledge to drink at least 3 to 4 liters of water daily, without fail.


4. I would reduce my sugar intake


Sugar is the biggest addiction which has no value-addition for your body. On the contrary, sugar gives rise to multiple lifestyle-related ailments, diabetes being the primary one among them.


Sugar also leads to weight gain and causes damages to your teeth. So try and reduce your sugar intake. Substitute sugar with honey or stevia but try and quit refined sugar at all costs.


5. I would buy a comprehensive health insurance plan


Getting the perfect health through healthy habits is not an overnight job. It takes time. If you have existing illnesses, they might result in complications which need medical attention. Moreover, even if you are passionate about your health, accidents can land you in the hospital. Given the high medical costs, bearing the medical costs incurred in a medical emergency is nearly impossible.


A health insurance plan is, therefore, very important. The plan covers medical contingencies and spares you the burden of heavy medical costs. So, while you take measures to build a healthy lifestyle, opt for a comprehensive health insurance plan to take care of unforeseen medical emergencies. Choose a family floater plan so that your family members also get coverage and make sure the sum insured is sufficient to take care of the expenses completely.


When it comes to taking these resolutions, don’t forget your clients. Urge them to take these resolutions with you so that you can motivate each other to stick to them. Bring in the New Year on a positive note with these resolutions and see your life as well your clients’ life change for the better.


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