8 Impeccable Ways To Increase Your Insurance Business Using Facebook

The insurance business has been used for ages for protection against financial losses or used to protect against unforeseen risks which may lead to losses. Some losses might not be financial but can be quantified financially. It is important for any business to understand that gaining a new customer is usually harder than retaining, therefore there is a concern to gain a new customer. With new technology, it has become easier to interact with several potential customers. A business holder might decide to use a website for marketing but an ideal social platform is Facebook with over 2.2 billion active users which can be used to attract customers into the industry and service the existing clients. It has the ability to retain clients in the digital world through consistent communication with added value and relevancy.

How to use Facebook for insurance business and get the best out of it is a big problem. This might result from several misconceptions and the heavy regulations and restrictions pertaining to online marketing. However, using it can be so easy that you can start practising. Here are some of the tips that will favour your insurance business using Facebook.


  • Considering Facebook As A Social Platform


The basic objective for using Facebook for insurance business purposes is to build a relationship with potential clients not selling the product.  Communications should, therefore, be friendly and in a personal way. In this way, you will build a good relationship with clients.


  • Being Aware Of The Insurance Rules

Before you start marketing on Facebook, it is necessary to be aware of insurance marketing rules. What you inform the customers should be accurate and relate with The National Association of Insurance Commissioners rules to avoid contradiction. This will increase the positive relationship and reliability with the client.


  • Engage Yourself On The Platform


The main reason why the customer might like to buy your product is when you engage with them and show interest in them. Facebook page has the ability to offer the administrator to view how the post is being engaged through comments, likes, shares, and etcetera. Therefore you will realize how much clients are interested in your product.


  • Regular Use  Of Facebook


Apart from posting relevant information, you should also be able to determine the daily situation of the clients. These include their daily participation, what they like and when they are ready to buy the product. Through regular use of Facebook, you will keep track of clients’ daily desires.


  • Make Time For Conversation


The crucial moment in marketing is when the client is about to make a decision about the product and would like to ask questions for certain purposes.  Responding to them will make them feel that they are valued and you are interested in them. Responding can be through private message or general response on your post. An effective one is when you respond in a timely manner.


  • Target Your Audience


Using the Facebook platform gives you a great opportunity to choose the kind of audience to interact with. This can be classified according to location, gender, age and etcetera. This will increase the interaction on the post that speaks to the specified audience.


  • Post Valuable Information.


Clients believe that the company have sufficient knowledge about the business. You should, therefore, use your Facebook page to post information about the insurance which makes them feel that they are learning something new or useful to them. They will, therefore, acknowledge the information either through liking, sharing or commenting.


  • Include Pictures, Videos And Links On Your Post


Lastly, incorporating visual content such as pictures and videos on your post is more appealing to the eye of the customer and therefore likely to be shared. The image should be informative and educative. Links that will connect the client to the parent insurance company website should also be included in case of any personal interests.

To Summarise

For an insurance company to attract its clients on Facebook and maintain existing clients, one should assign the following eight tips:

  • You should consider Facebook as a social platform.
  • Being aware of the insurance rules.
  • You should engage yourself on the platform.
  • Use Facebook regularly.
  • Make time for conversation.
  • Target your audience.
  • Post valuable information.
  • Include pictures, videos and links on your post.


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