Contactless insurance is the new trend in this pandemic

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Coronavirus is an unprecedented pandemic which has changed the whole way we live our life. Being contagious in nature, the pandemic has discouraged physical contact and encouraged the concept of social distancing. Businesses have closed and people have been made to stay at home to protect themselves from getting infected. Even as the lockdown restrictions are easing off, the situation is not under control. The disease is still spreading and the rate has even increased post the lockdown has been lifted. Amidst this growing tension of infection, should you lock down your business as well?

Thankfully, you don’t need to. Digitization has become quite popular in today’s age as everything is becoming available online. Whether you need to shop for groceries, fruits and vegetables or personal items, the online platform encourages contactless transactions where you get everything right at your home without having to step out. Can’t insurance be the same?

It has been a long time since insurance sales have gone online. Whatever type of insurance product your clients need, they can buy online. You can, therefore, bank on the online mode to sell insurance policies to your clients online. It is simple and quick and you don’t even have to come in contact with your clients for boosting your business. Contactless insurance, in fact, can be the new normal till the Coronavirus pandemic is brought under control.

How to sell contactless insurance?

As a PoSP with Mintpro, you have all the tools that you need at your disposal. The Mintpro application provides you easy tools to sell insurance online in a contactless manner. 

Here’s how you can go about it –

  1. Contact your clients over the phone or through video calls

    Thanks to Smartphones, internet availability and advanced applications, contacting people has revolutionized. Now you can have voice calls as well as video calls with others and get in touch with them without physical visiting them. Contact them through voice calls and understand their insurance needs. If need be, contact them through video calls using Zoom or Whatsapp which is free of cost and helps you connect with your clients. The groundwork can be easily done through your phone and you can avoid visiting your clients.

  2. Use the Mintpro application for product details and premium quotes

    The Mintpro application is well-equipped to provide complete details to yourself and your clients about products, their features and benefits and their premium rates. You can, therefore, use the application to sell insurance plans directly to your customers. The application comes with videos and product information which you can share with your clients to inform them about the benefits of the plan that they wish to buy. You can even explain the benefits over the phone or through video call. The best part about the application is that the premium quotes of different plans can be shared with your clients so that they can compare the quotes with coverage benefits and then choose the correct policy. So, use the Mintpro application and sell insurance virtually without physical contact.

  3. Track your business through the application 

    The Mintpro application also allows you to track your insurance sales using the application. You can check your customer leads and the commission that you have earned through the application. The application also reminds you of the renewal date of your clients’ plans so that you can remind them to renew their plans and continue coverage. Thus, the application also allows you to continue providing service to your clients online.

This pandemic has resulted in an increase in contactless transactions whether it is digital payments or contactless delivery options. You should not let your business suffer as your business can also be done online through contactless technology. So, use the Mintpro application and go contactless in insurance sales.


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