Did you know that you can save your NCB in a motor policy even after a claim?

Motor insurance policies, whether for a car or a two-wheeler, give a No Claim Bonus (NCB) if no claim is made in any policy year. This bonus discounts the premium payable on successive renewals. Furthermore, the rate of NCB increases with every successive claim-free year. However, if a claim is made in any policy year, the accumulated NCB discount is lost. Renewal premiums are not reduced and the bonus rate starts afresh. To protect the NCB from lapsing, there is a NCB Protect add-on available with motor insurance policies. This add-on protects the NCB even after a claim is made under the policy. So, while selling motor insurance policies convince your clients to opt for the NCB protect add-on. It would protect their accumulated NCB even when they make a claim in their policy.


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