How video adds value to your insurance business

Video for your insurance business

As an insurance agent, it is safe to presume that you have profiles on all social media platforms. You most likely also have a website where people can reach you and an email for communications with your prospects and clients. With the advent of a digital-only era, it would be wise to make sure you have a presence in the online space. So if you have any or all of the above mentioned already, what can you do to take your business a little further?

Make videos. Videos not only help with the reliability factor by putting a face to your name and voice but also prove to be highly effective in terms of social media outreach efforts. Thousands and thousands of hours are spent consuming content through videos. Marketing through the form of videos are super effective and are known to have the highest returns on investment. So let us elaborate on why your business needs video as a marketing and communications tool, and how you can set about to make that happen.

  1. Your conversions and sales will see a massive boost – As mentioned above, videos have the highest Return on Investment (ROI). As an insurance agent, making videos explaining what you do or using good analogies to show cause as to why a person would need insurance, will go a long way. You can keep building short explainer videos or use your past experience and knowledge to discuss case studies you may have made on your past clients. People are more inclined to visit your website to find our more information about you when they see an effective, well-explained video.
  2. People will trust you – When people spend time watching videos that are regularly being created and pushed out, they start to identify and recognize you for your word’s worth. Being well informed about your industry, having a high degree of relatability would go a long way. Knowing your face, your name and seeing your nature will be a driving force as to why people would be willing to reach out to you. You are more likely to go visit a familiar face than a complete stranger.
  3. Videos are much appreciated – by Google and your customers! – Your search engine rankings will increase significantly if you have a video embedded on your site. Visitors will spend more time on your website and naturally the trust factor will also increase. Also, the time spent on your site will indicate to search engines that you do have great content online. Therefore it is a win in every way. If you don’t have your own site ready as yet, you can also make videos and upload them onto Youtube and circulate them to your clients, friends and families via Whatsapp.
  4. Ease of explaining concepts – Through video marketing, you will find that you can explain just about anything and everything. A picture can tell you a thousand words, but a video can tell you a whole story from beginning to end. A script, some good lighting and a clear voice is all that is required for the most basic concept video. Sometimes what you mean to write in an article can come out better through spoken words and actions on video.
  5. High engagement levels even from reluctant customers – With a good video, even your laziest, or reluctant customers will be motivated to learn more or straight up even purchase a policy or two from you. If you have good content, they will definitely watch the whole video and be thinking about what you just said for a good while. It definitely beats cold calling and running the risk of a phone being slammed on you! Here, they are listening on their own, without much convincing and it is solely your content that will motivate them to make a decision. (And your time is not wasted.)
  6. Social Sharing – If people like what you have to say, they will want to share your views with their family and friends through social media. Instead of taking a generalized approach, take the time to pay attention to relevant conversations on social media about your industry and create video content that joins the conversation. Be relevant and engaging, whereby for viewers, it literally feels like your videos were made FOR them. If you focus on producing good relatable content, people are going to want to share your videos.

These points are just a glimpse as to why you should incorporate video into your business. If you are worrying about the fact that you don’t want to spend so much money on film production, then we have good news for you. While it is always a good idea to put a little investment into good quality videos, you don’t have to do that right away. Your mobile phone is good enough. If you have a script, and a good well –lit corner of the office and no noise around, then congratulations! That is half the battle won. People will stay and watch your videos so long as your content is interesting. They do not care about brightness levels or your location. So long as you are friendly, clear and interesting, you will get people slowing down from their busy lives to take a few moments to watch you in action.

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