How you can grow your business by paying attention to what your customers say on social media

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There are several benefits to being your own boss and as an insurance agent working for yourself, we are sure you can relate to this. However, owning a business means you are alone in executing important tasks and decisions. If you drop the ball, the business will stay stagnant. Movement on all fronts is of importance to thrive in this industry.

With limited resources, it can be difficult to do everything yourself. For instance, If you are an agent who knows your target customers watch and share a lot of videos using Youtube and Whatsapp, it may be a good idea for you to create useful informational videos for this market. Educating them through video content about the benefits of buying certain policies can prove to be a very profitable effort. However, creating these videos take time and effort, so to make sure you get the most value for your time and money, it is important to only create content that is relevant to your market. Why would they waste time watching a video if it were of no use to them?

This is where we introduce the term ‘Social Listening’. A very handy little tool and if used well, will deliver a very positive outcome for your business.

So what is Social Listening?

Simply put, it is about taking away key learnings from conversations that take place on social media. These conversations may happen on Twitter, through Facebook or Instagram comments and mentions or even Quora feeds. This essentially requires you to spend time paying attention to what people in the industry (insurance in this case) are saying.

How it can be helpful to your business:

Using either social listening tools available in the market (such as Hootsuite or Buzzsumo), or by simply being aware and observant yourself, you can understand peoples thoughts, questions, doubts and areas of interest and pain points towards certain products. You can use this information to then create content that addresses each of these and is thereby relevant. What are the industry leaders saying? What are the people who buy insurance policies talking about? Can you contribute to the conversation? Can you counter an argument with a unique point of view? Creating engaging content can be done effectively by developing your social listening skills.

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Please note there is a major difference between social listening and monitoring social media. Monitoring is about responding to comments and queries on all your social media channels, communicating with your prospects regularly through e-mail communication directly or through e-mail marketing. Social listening on the other hand is all about seeing the bigger picture. For instance, if you see a trend of people being dissatisfied with a particular newly launched insurance plan, you can step in and show your expertise by talking about why you think people are dissatisfied and what other alternatives there are available in the market. Providing solutions is the most effective way to benefit from social listening.

Make your content more relevant by joining the conversations:

With a personalized approach, you can explain your thoughts and concepts better using examples that reflect your own experiences and knowledge. On social media, read and interact regularly with regular comments and updates. When you provide relevant and personalized content, your audience interacts and engages with you a lot more, making them far more likely to convert to being customers. Over time, when your social followings grow, you will be able to see more clearly and very quickly how good social listening can make your business thrive!

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