Name change in bike insurance plan: the why, when and how?

Bike Insurance name change policy

The insurance policy should be updated with all the current details of the bike so that it can provide a valid cover. If there are any changes, the same should be recorded in the insurance policy. When it comes to changes in the bike, the most common change is the change in the name of the owner.


This is a very important change and the insurance policy, as well as the RC Book of the bike, also needs to change to account for the change in name. Before moving onto the process of the name change, here are two main reasons why there might be a name change –


  • When the name of the owner changes –

    this happens either when males opt to change their name or, more commonly, after the woman gets married and changes her name

  • When the bike is sold –

    when the bike is sold second hand to another, the name of the owner of the bike changes.


While in the former case the owner remains the same, when the bike is sold, the owner changes. In both these cases, the change in name has to be reflected in the bike insurance plan. If the change is not recorded in the policy, in case of any subsequent claim, the claim might get rejected.


If you are wondering how to get the change of name recorded in the bike insurance policy so that you can help your clients, here are the processes for both of the above-mentioned types of changes –


When the name of the owner changes


If the name of the owner changes without a change in the ownership of the bike, here’s how the change in the policy can be done –


  • Your client would have to first get the changed name reflected in the RC book of the bike. For doing so, they should visit the nearest RTO and file for a name change. An affidavit for the name change would be required to be submitted after which the RC Book would be changed with your client’s new name
  • Once the RC Book is changed, the new and updated RC Book should be submitted to the insurance company along with a request to change the name in the insurance certificate
  • The insurance company would verify the change in name and issue a new insurance certificate containing the new name.


When the bike is sold


When the bike is sold its ownership changes. In this case as well, both the RC book and the insurance policy need to be changed. This involves a two-step process. One is for the transfer of ownership of the bike and the other is for the transfer of the bike insurance policy. Here are both these processes explained –


Transferring ownership of the bike


  • Ask your client to inform the RTO of the sale of the bike and transfer of ownership
  • Several forms would have to be filled, signed and submitted to the RTO for changing the ownership. These include the following –
  • Form 28 – Transfer of Ownership
  • Form 29 – No Objection Certificate (should be signed by the seller)
  • Form 30 – Application reporting the transfer of bike
  • Besides these RTO forms, other documents of the bike should also be submitted. These include registration certificate, tax certificate, copy of the existing policy, PUC, and address proof of the seller along with his/her photographs


When all the forms and documents are submitted to the RTO, the ownership of the bike would be transferred to the new buyer. A new and updated RC book would be issued by the RTO containing the name of the buyer.


Transferring bike insurance policy


Once the ownership is transferred, the next step is to transfer the insurance policy. The steps to do so include the following –


  • The insurance company should be informed of the sale of the bike
  • A request for transferring the policy should be made with the relevant documents. The documents include the changed RC book, original insurance certificate, address proof and photographs of the buyer
  • The insurance company would then transfer the policy in the name of the buyer. Your client would have to pay a stipulated fee for such transfer.


Though the name would be changed in the policy, your client would be able to retain the accumulated no claim bonus and use it when they buy another bike insurance policy.


So, a change in the name of the existing owner or when selling the bike to another should be recorded in the insurance policy so that your clients can enjoy a valid coverage.



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